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Hospitality industry is the industry for greeting and caring for people. We are serving to some big names in the indiustry to help improving their work management and also to engage their customers in a better way with the company.

Property Management System :
To increase the efficiency we have developed a state of the art PMS that has all the features of a modern PMS. We have also added more features that makes it different than the current available PMS. On the biggest feature is its UI. It has a modern fluid UI that can render on any screen size. By using the latest and the greatest technology we have made it truly interactive and intuitive.

Modules :
  • Hotel Configuration
  • Category Management
  • 3 Tier Pricing
  • Room Management
  • Reservation
  • Check-in/ Early Check-in
  • Extend/ Upgrade
  • Check-out/ Early Check-out
  • Cancellation
  • Free/Paid facilities
  • Policies
  • Taxation
  • Reports

Mobile :
To enhance the end user experience we have created mobile applications (Android and iPhone) so that people feel connected to the hotel. The USP of the mobile applications is their simplicity. We believe and work on ‘3 tap’ methodology. That said it should not take more than 3/4 taps to achieve a desired behavior in a mobile application.

Booking Engine :
Due to increase in demand of eCommerce across world everybody wants to have eCommerce capability in their website/ mobile application.
But everyone cannot put enough time/money to build an eCommerce solution.
The HotelIngen is for such people and organizations. It is a sophisticated booking engine that can be seamlessly integrated with your current marketing website.
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Project Details :
  • Skills : UI, UX, Mobile, Integration
  • Category : Design, Mobile
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