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Any modern big enterprise needs a sophisticated and technically stable system to best manage the resources. We are in-process of writing our own ERP system that would help any organization to increase the efficiency of resources. This would also help the organization to optimize its resources.

Modules :
  • CRM
  • Category
  • Product
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Payroll

Business Workflow Management :
Key activity in any financial institution where new product launches are done frequently. Presence of BWM tools makes any financial institution a smart place to work where –in the business team focusses on the configuration of a new product and the tool takes care of its implementation.
Business Workflow Management is a state of the art workflow management system used by business folks to launch a new product in market.
Key features:
  • Highly configurable
  • Backed by a featured pack approval workflow. The workflow can be applied to any entity; right from loans, accounts, clients, agents, claims, to documents.
  • 3. Heart of this tool is a BusienssRule Engine. This RuleEngine can create rules on the whole data store and thus makes this tool very powerful. In fact this is the reason behind this tool being so dynamic and generic in nature. Again the Rule Engine itself is a configurable one and can used against any data store.

Project Details :
  • Skills : Enterprise, Integration, Data Processing, Data Warehousing
  • Category : Design
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