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Any e-Commerce company requires an state of the art IT system that can manage all their stakeholders. This includes their clients, vendors, category people, account teams and the leadership. An effective e-Commerce solution should cater to all the stakeholders of the organization. The system should have processes that can take care of the core business, tracking system that can tell what the system is doing, reporting to know how the system is performing and finally analytics that predicts the future of the organization.

We have developed an end-end system that can be used in any organization running an e-Commerce business. The system can be categorized into below categories:

A content delivery platform :
to provide the publish content to channels like website and mobile apps.
  • Manage Categories, Brands, Products, Creatives, Promotions, Offers.
  • Publish/Un-publish content

A dispatch management system :
to process all the live orders.
  • Vendor management.
  • Scheduled picklist generation for vendors
  • Order status tracking

An inventory system :
to manage and track inventory. This not only manage the local inventory but also supports the real time buying that is performed to fulfill an order.
  • Local Inventory
  • Real time buying
  • Real time reporting
  • Manage thresh holds

A live tracking system :
that track the life cycle of an order against parameters like fulfillment, delivery, return etc.

An e-Commerce website, iPhone and Android application :
for consumers to browse the products and place order.
  • Browse categories
  • Browse products
  • Filter products
  • Place order
  • Customer profile

Multi store system :
add the capability to run the system for multiple stores.
  • Store management
  • Manage the inventory for each store
  • Feedback framework that allows the feedback to be submitted for each store

Project Details :
  • Skills : UI, UX, Mobile, Integration
  • Category : Design, Mobile
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